Thursday, December 2, 2010

Life Lessons 1

Scott McClellan posted a blog entitled What We Learned from Publishing a Magazine.  He relayed some things he learned about life and work from his experiences.


These are my edited excerpts of Scott's blog. There are 10. I will do a few each day and comment. Here are three to start. My comments are in PURPLE. (I am feeling regal, today.)

Culture moves quickly.
Our culture values that which is new and that which is hot, and an unfortunate byproduct is that we tend to overlook that which is lasting. The church has lasting down pat. Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. The question is this. Do we present this Eternal Savior in an archaic way that baffles, bores, or puts off those we hope to reach? Going further, is our personal faith alive or are we weighed down by once-meaningful encrustations that need to be jettisoned for newer forms? See page 9 of the Book of Common Prayer (1979) for the Episcopal Church's take on this. What no longer serves your faith journey?


Art is personal, and you will be misunderstood.
People will misunderstand your meaning and your motives; and because your art is personal this will sting at first. Jesus was hated and misunderstood by those who found a savior in their own personal gods. Even his friends and family were not too sure about him. Sometimes, we need to allow God to sort out our efforts to translate Him into everyday life. Free yourself up to be faithful in your own way. What about you is uniquely and wonderfully faithful that others don't get?

Meaningful critique is difficult but necessary.
Meaningful critique has its place in this world, even in evangelical circles, and so we shouldn't let the requisite thoughtfulness and guts dissuade us. Christ followers (despite what" cultural Christians" might say,) need guides and a community. If we have no one who can tell us we are off base, we will wander into self-worship sooner or later. Pick your critics wisely but have some. Who will you listen to?

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