Sunday, August 30, 2009


I am reading Uncommon by Tony Dungy, NFL coach. In his book, he describes an abbreviation used when drafting players out of college; DNDC. It means: Do not draft because of character. The Indianapolis Colts passed on talent if character was weak (or they thought it was.) Dungy, in both of his books, has character being foundational to people and their success (fruitfulness) in life. His parents taught him this.

His mother saw being unreliable or untrustworthy as the worst thing possible. Your word meant that it was as good as done. No saying one thing and do another. You can count on me. I LOVE being around these people! Today, we often make excuses for unreliability (you cannot count on me) and untrustworthiness (I say what gets me by.) These are seldom seen as character flaws to be addressed. They are seen as quaint throwbacks to an era that could not keep up with today's fast-paced reality. Or are they?

Dungy says, "What you do is not as important as how you do it." Jesus would use this phrase with the Church People (Pharisees and leaders) of his day. Jesus looked to the heart and to motive. Expediency was a word for Pilate, not Jesus. Jesus pointed out hypocrisy as a major character flaw of the religious.

Do people see you as reliable and trustworthy? Does Christ? Are you as good as your word? Will you do what you claim today? Do you deliver today what you desire on the part of others? May you follow Christ in such a way as your true character becomes His.

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