Monday, August 24, 2009


Christine and I saw Julie and Julia last night on our date night. It was a good movie. The 60's saw many Julia Child cooking shows on channel 13. Later, she was parodied on Saturday Night Live. She was an icon of the time.


The movie was about people following their passion. Julia had a passion for cooking, especially French cooking and a passion for bringing this kind of cooking into American homes. Julie had a passion for writing and wrote a blog about cooking through all the recipes of Julia Child's The Mastering of French Cooking cookbook. The stories are true. People with a passion create life around them because they are alive.


I am saddened when I see people do things for money or pressure from parents or from incidents of their past. The people are good but, without passion, life is absorbed rather than created. When Jesus tells us that his desire for us is abundant life (John 10:10,) he is saying, "I want life to overflow for you and it will happen following me."


Abundant living occurs regardless of life's circumstances. Jesus had it even in his humiliating death. If he can, so can we, even in the face of lay-off's, salary freezes, being a bench warmer, retirement or illness. When I lived in New York, the Puerto Rican and Italian food stores had one thing in common. They had produce overflowing in the aisles. Abundance. Overflowing.


Do you have overflowing life? Are you working in your passion? Do you know what your passion is? You were created for life. Christ can open that door if you will follow. Start by living or finding your passion.

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  1. The image of the overflowing abundant produce in the store is a powerful if God is saying "look at what I have given you, for sustanence and for delight." Must be why I love farmers' markets...:)