Monday, August 31, 2009

Love of the Father

Nobel Prize winning author, Tony Morrison, was asked about all the experiences that made her the great author she was. She said one and only one thing made her a great author. When she was growing up, every time she entered the room, her father's eyes lit up. She knew she was special and free to explore that specialness, wherever it took her. The love would be there always and no matter what.

Love does that. Real love. It sustains us, releases up, and inspires us. People will do almost anything for love. People are free to try great things with love.

I don't know about your earthly father. Some of you never received that love. I am sorry. Some of you knew that kind of love. You are blessed. All of us have a Father we know in our head loves us but we never quite know how to make that reach our heart. Love in the head does not inspire us much, although it may give us a pleasant moment now and then. Love that hits us right in the heart; moves us.

Love moves from the head to the heart when we risk. I am not talking about infatuation, which mostly gets us in trouble. Infatuation is love that doesn't get within a mile of the head. When we risk believing what we know, we are betting our life on it. That bet can burn, when the person who claims love lets us down. But that bet can make us soar was well.

I think we all need to soar more. There is just not enough love out there and it is our job as Christ followers to see that changes. Our Father wants that. Will you risk seeing if his love is real today? That is, will you make the trip from your head to your heart? The payout is great because our Father has created us as noble beings, destined for greatness (even when circumstances don't go our way.)

God says we love him and risk for his love when we love those around us, especially those we do not understand, or like or are fearful of. I pray you find your greatness today in the relationships with others. Risk it.

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