Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Perhaps you have watched this video on the web. It is a very graphic depiction of the fast pace of life, the fragility of our current lifestyle and the impossibility of keeping up with change. My great grandfather lived almost exactly the same life as his great grandfather farming in Italy. Yet my great grandfather would find my life very alien if not surreal and indecipherable.


We do not like being reminded of our finiteness. And when we are, we quickly move on to something else or we despair. There is a third choice. One Christians should know but often let slide in our reaction or avoidance. The third choice is the Cross.


The Cross, so present at this time of year, is the only way to the Resurrection. In other words, God is well aware (as is Jesus) that the world will (not might) dish out all sorts of crap that lessen the human experience or overwhelm us to the point of oblivion. Poor health, lack of money, tense relationships, incivility are not dead ends (unless we choose them to be so) but opportunities for God to make things new by making us new. God transforms people from "dead" to living. Too often we ask God to change circumstances when, in fact, God yearns to change us to be circumstance-proof.


Yes, the world is scary. Things are tough. The next step may be overwhelming. But God has overcome the world. Open up. Let him in. He loves you more than you'll ever know. And his love transforms.

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