Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Jesus and Lingerie

A blog about a New York City lingerie store, Journelle, was featured today by the Harvard Business Review. Journelle was a company that thrived during the economic downturn. It did so by sticking with the company’s strategy statement to "make women feel amazing every day." Rather than focusing on profit, employees focused on people. Profit became a fruit of their actions rather than the goal of an interaction with others. People responded.
Most of us who follow Christ might state our strategy statement as a Christian this way.

  • ·         Do the right thing
  • ·         Pray every day
  • ·         Don’t sin
  • ·         Know your Bible
  • ·         Be a good person

You can add others.

Jesus summed up what he was about by telling his followers to love people like he did. That’s it. He didn’t even mention God in his summary. People respond to love. Maybe not instantaneously. But love draws us all closer to God because God is love. And not just our love for people who can benefit us. Love for all.

What if our strategy statement was to “make people feel amazing every day?” It would be outwardly focused on what was best for others. 

What a world that would be. Are you game? How can you help people feel amazing today? 

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