Monday, October 1, 2012


I am planning our Pet Blessing for church. We have the dogs and cats right in the pews with their owners (or are the pets the “owners?”) There is no happier day in the life of St. Andrew’s. At the same time, Christine and I are caring for our daughter’s dog, Casey, while she is in China. Casey has been a blessing – a source of both joy and surprise.

God must have known that we would domesticate animals and have them as companions. God chose them as one more avenue to love us. Like all important things, the joys of pet ownership require us to invest our time, talent and treasure in their care.

This is a constant cycle in Creation. Investment-Joy. Jesus stated it this way (paraphrasing.) “Complete joy came in sacrificial love.”

Pause this day to consider how you are being called to invest in God’s Creation. Not just the animals but the whole earth. How will you invest in our planet? Creation is one more way God loves us.

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