Thursday, November 15, 2012


Your house should look like this.  
In reality, it looks like this.

Most folks don’t like visitors to visit their home because they are embarrassed that the reality does not match some stupid, BS of an ideal. My house is a mess!

Sadly, we too often transfer that thinking to ourselves. I am a mess. Again, a stupid, BS of an ideal. Therefore, I can’t let you in. I cannot let you see the real me. Community suffers. We feel alone and isolated because we think we don’t measure up. Or else, we get super busy so no one will stop long enough to notice.

Here’s the truth. God looks beyond the mess and sees his beloved. You. Don’t waste your time with those who nit-pick your mess (they’ve got a lot of house cleaning the have ignored themselves.) Hang around those who see you for who you are and you can trust them with that. Church should be a place for that. So should family.

Sure, clean up your act if it is needed but, always, always, always, know God has a place for you. It’s in his heart. After all, God made you and thought you were just right.

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