Thursday, December 13, 2012



Prayer is about relationship with God, and God is always the initiator of that relationship.
Prayer is a response to God. Prayer is a gift from God.
Br. Curtis Almquist, Society of St. John the Evangelist

When you think of prayer, what comes to mind? Giving God your “to do” list? Asking God, “Why?” Begging God to change others? Letting God know “I’m really trying?” Thanking God because something was SO BIG even I could not take credit for it? Realizing I don’t pray.

I’ve done them all.

Most of us would not engage a close friend that way. In fact, these people we brought close to us precisely because they love us unconditionally and they let us know it, without making demands. Even while encouraging us to the reservoir of nobility that is within.

Why let God’s love go untapped?

God is reaching out to you. Be still. Be quiet. Be persistent. Wait. Listen.

Love will envelope you. Peace and courage will well up.

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