Monday, August 19, 2013

I can live with that

I don't find the Bible easy to understand nor prayer always clear.  Faith is challenging that way. I don't believe anyone who has it all figured out. Honestly, they scare me. 

The best I can do is to look to Jesus. Jesus is my gateway to God. He is what God smells like. I can't help but notice that he does embrace all of scripture but does not dwell on or get upset by all the carnage. He doesn't seem to channel the fussiness yet claims not to alter or omit a letter of the Law. Jesus does not dwell on "underwear (sex) issues" but does have a keen eye for hypocrisy. Jesus owns the past without condoning it all. He loves. He forgives. He leads by serving. He dies to live.

My faith challenges me but Jesus helps me not to get caught up in dead ends and minutiae. He frees me to get it wrong rather than waiting till I have it all right. He asks me to bend but will crush me.  

I can live with that.

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