Thursday, October 1, 2009

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

Do you wonder about things? I do. I wonder how the Texans can have such a non-existent defense when they have had so many Jumbo picks on defense in recent drafts. I wonder why my honey-do list only gets bigger even if I work on it each week. And what's up with "How to Look Good Naked?" It is actually a cable show. I have enough trouble looking good clothed. Why aren't we all doing the "Paid Programming" infomercial schemes? What would happen if we did?


But here is my biggest wonder. Why do we (my highly unscientific, anecdotal experience) accept so much of what is on the internet or what comes in our inbox so readily but have so much trouble believing Jesus?  Oh, we believe Jesus in our head. I know that. But, as the Episcopal Prayer Book points out in the General Thanksgiving in Morning Prayer, we do a better job "talking" Jesus than "doing" Jesus in our day-to-day lives.


I think the reason why so much of the internet traffic grabs us is that it confirms our fears and prejudices. It makes sense to us. Jesus, instead, confronts our prejudices, tells us that love goes out the window when fear takes over, reminds us that the best way through life is the tough one, and generally gives advise that seems counter-intuitive (like "lose your life to save it, turn the other cheek, the first will be last" – hey, maybe the Texans have embraced this one!)


Oh, I do want life to be easy. To lie down and just let me scoop up what I want, the way I want it. The internet lets me do that, letting me be smug in my prejudices or feeding my fears. But this is a lie. Jesus knows that because he invented life. He has the inside skinny on life because he is its author. Jesus has overcome the world. Why do I so freely forget that?


May I let the Good News of Christ and nothing else be foundational to my day today. The internet is fun but true only when it serves Christ.

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