Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Growing up, Babe Ruth was the home run king and held the record for most home runs in a baseball season. Along came Roger Maris of the Yankees who broke Ruth's record. Sort of. You see, Maris played in 162 games. In Ruth's time, the games numbered 154. It was decided that Maris would be the home run king but with an * next to his record. Everyone knew (wink, wink) that Ruth was the REAL champion. The * only underscored that.


Are you an * Christian? That is, are there bunches of extenuating circumstances that need to qualify your record?


I am a Christian, but I am sure God won't mind if I skip church. I am a Christian, but this is only a little lie. I am a Christian, but a tithe is really Old Testament stuff. I am a Christian, but I'm tired: someone else will fill in if I don't show. I am a Christian, but this I'm so stressed, I can fudge this report and no one will notice. I am a Christian, but the kids (or mom)….


I find I love hanging an * next to my name. I get the label of champion Christian without actually living up to it.


May you, today, be the real deal.

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