Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Artie Davis, in his blog today, spoke of how faith is made up of hearing and obeying God. True faith needs both.


How often do we want to Hear OR Obey? One or the other, After all, that makes it so much easier. We can go on autopilot.


Hearing, we can absorb God all day until we are spiritually ready to burp. That's our action for the day! No fear to overcome. No moving without complete certainty (and, thus, looking foolish.)


Or we can be a blur of activity, falling back on our own sense of rightness, expediently responding to the stimuli around us without discernment. We are on a mission (and doesn't that feel good?)


There is a kernel of good in both Quietism (hearing without obedience) and Activism (obeying without hearing) but there is power to raise the dead in Faith (hearing & obedience.) I am more the Activist and must guard myself against being faithless by spending time with God in Word and Prayer. Otherwise, my busyness is drained of all power.


How's your Power Meter today? Where is the fruit of your faith? Is God alive in your being and doing? If your meter registers "weak," could it be that your hearing has become uncoupled from your obeying? God wants to act through you in faith.


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