Monday, June 20, 2011


My drive-in ATM was down today. Used the drive through. The devise that transported my check was different. It had a two way camera. I guess the bank thought that this would make things more "personal."


Problem was, my lens was a wide angle. My head was the size of a radish while the arm I had out the window looked like it belonged to an elephant. Meanwhile the inside camera was no better. The angle was downwards much like the surveillance cameras in Vegas that look for card counters at the blackjack table. The teller had nice hair, however.


Perspective changes things. When Jesus tells us not to judge people, I think he is reminding us that no one had God's perspective. God's perspective is one of Creator and Lover. While I might aspire to such a lofty perspective, I am stuck here with the self-centered and clouded perspective. This is why we are commanded not to make an image (in today's world this is not a statue but our thoughts about God and our opinions about God) of God either.


Imagine the people you meet today as God sees them and what God had in mind when he created them. Aspire to be what he sees and created in you. Have a no radish head day.


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