Thursday, January 12, 2012

In Love

Where do you turn when all Hell breaks loose in your life? Christians are not immune to trials. For years I turned for refuge to money, success, alcohol, being busy, overeating, and "being right." I still do but not as often. Over the years, I realized that none of these things or situation gave a hoot about me. They did not love me back. Who needs the drain of a one-way relationship? They each may have medicated me for a time but they did not deliver the power to subdue my trial and sustain me for the duration.

The Psalmist evidently had one of those days that overwhelm us. The Psalmist turned to the one who loves the Psalmist and with whom the Psalmist was engaged in a mutual relationship of love. God gave strength and perseverance (read the full text  of the psalm here.) And best of all, God loved back.

Who or what is your refuge? When was the last time you told God you loved God? Is your love one into which you pour your entire self or is it a love of convenience?

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