Tuesday, January 10, 2012



The boy, soon to be great prophet of God, was awoken in the night by a voice (scripture link.) It was God. After a few missteps, Samuel answers Gods call and begins a powerful chapter in his life and the life of his people. I am up plenty of nights. How do I know if the voice that disrupts my sleep is God? What do I do if it is?

The art needed here is called discernment. Samuel sought help from his spiritual mentor, Eli. So what do I do?

Here is what I try to employ when "voices" or images or whatever interrupts my night or day for that matter.

Does it square with scripture? Obviously, I need to be reading scripture to know if what I hear rings true. God's promptings will always ring true and square with scripture.

Does it pass the sniff test with those I trust and are spiritually mature? Please note the AND here. Maturity is very important. I need people who will love me unconditionally and challenge me continually. Those folks know a thing or two. Often, it is Godly.

Commit it to prayer. God stuff clarifies and intensifies with prayer. Other stuff dissolves.

Am I afraid and at peace at the same time? This does not always happen but it is a good sign that God is at work. God seems to work both sides of the just/merciful street. That calms and scares me.

Is what I must do next impossible without God's help? If so, God likes us in the "depend on him" corner.

I know you have questions as do I. Embrace them faithfully. The tension provides a growth point. Avoiding what's not of God is as life-giving as following God. What do you do to discern?

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