Thursday, July 5, 2012


In Mark's Gospel (which we are reading this year,) Jesus continually tells his friends not to talk about the incredible things he does or who he might be (the Messiah or the Son of God.) He does not say why. This phenomenon is called the Messianic Secret by scholars. I can only speculate.

Labels reduce people and situations to cardboard characters (cartoons) that we can fantasize about, elevate to god-like status or vilify and push aside quickly. We see this in the political arena. Every sound bite usually contains a label that can be quickly done away with. Liberal. Conservative. Taxes. Patriot. Healthcare. Business. Labor. Ditto Entertainment and the Heroes and Villains of nightly news.

I think Jesus knew that people and situations are much more complex than that. And he took both very seriously. Neither was brushed aside by him. I need to learn this.

Today, don't reduce things or people to a label. Remind yourself that there is more. Leave room for God to inform you and transform not only you and your thinking but the people and situations as well.


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