Wednesday, January 9, 2013


On average, we are a balanced people. But only “on average.” By that, I mean that we have wide swings that average out. We get super busy (why, I am not sure. I guess it validates us somehow.) Then we get sick or just bail out (which creates havoc) and become a slug. Then we start the cycle again. In this scenario, we have a moment of balanced bliss but most of the time we are an empty shell of a person in a manic/exhausted cycle.

Jesus tells us that his mission included a full if not overflowing life for us (John 10:10.) He tells us further that tough choices must be made (narrowdoor) in order for us follow his lead. He reminds us to “count the costs” before we blindly act or react. His advice includes simple speech of “Yes” or “No.” Paul goes on to say that we were not meant to be pulled back and forth. We are to be grounded in Christ.

What would happen if you made tough choices and brought more balance into your life? What could be gained? Take some Sabbath time to reflect on this. Life and beauty are found in the balance.

Photo: Michael Grab

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