Wednesday, January 16, 2013

God Hates My Family

Pretty strong, huh? Maybe it is true.

I have heard more often arguments to the effect that a family had to skip worship because they needed to stay home and have family time. The reality behind this logic is that worshiping God would be detrimental to family life. It teaches children that God must be tamed or else God will get out of control and the family will be hurt as a result. “God time” and “quality time” would seem not to be one and the same. God is one big old imposition.

Webster would define imposition as “an excessive or uncalled-for requirement or burden.”  On the face of it, that would seem true. God brooks no rivals (see Commandments 1 and 2) God is a jealous God. God wants to be top priority but he says the “good stuff” will come as a result. God believes in “family values.” But not so much blood related family. God’s family is the Church. Parents are advised to help form their family with Godly decisions.  And God acknowledges that the “kids” forget him when things are going well (we tend to ring God up when we need something.) 

Are God and Church at odds with your family’s welfare? How could that change? Would you like it to change? How could you help?

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