Wednesday, April 10, 2013


While in the oil and gas business, I often was called upon to track down leaks. Leaks pollute. Leaks waste money. Leaks generally make a mess. Very often, the leak was produced by someone over zealously trying to thread two pieces together without lining them up. Force was used to overcome accuracy.  The result was a cross-thread, which produces a mess.

How often do we force things that are not ready only to produce a mess? We force growing up. We force purchases. We force our will on others. We force closure on wounds physical and emotional.

And we make messes.

Jesus spoke of the kairos, the “right” time, the fullness of time, the pregnant moment, the ripe time. People who live eternally, live with a blissful awareness of God’s activity outside and within the pressing demands of our “time’s running out” world.

He lives. Maybe that’s why.

Be still today and try to move to the rhythm of God’s time. Shun forced deadlines. Live.

In the fullness of time,
put all things in subjection under your Christ, and bring us to
that heavenly country where, with all your
saints, we may enter the everlasting heritage of your sons and
daughters; through Jesus Christ our Lord, the firstborn of all
creation, the head of the Church, and the author of our

The Book of Common Prayer, Eucharistic Prayer B

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