Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Google CEO, Larry Page, was featured in a recent blog I read. Eric Dye reported that Page said this.

“We should be building great things that don’t exist.”  

Rather than being right or following the rules, I think this is the primary vocation of a Christian: making something out of nothing.

Right off the bat, Scripture lets us know that God creates. This is her primary business. And God creates out of nothing. Later, God follows up with creating life out of death in the Cross. And we are created in God’s image as it states in the Book of Genesis. We are to do God-stuff. Our entire life’s mission is creating something out of nothing. Not timidly trying to conserve what we have.

Kids inherently understand this vocation. We knock it out of many of them once we deem the “cute” phase has run its course.

So, what will you create today (or at least start on today) that does not exist? To take that risk is to say, “I believe.” To squander that risk is to proclaim, “I don’t.”

I will vouch for you in all your delicious messiness.

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