Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I cannot get her face out of my mind. I have never met her. I haven’t even seen her. Her mother died in the fire in Dhaka, Bangladesh along with 800 others. Her mother died making cheap clothes for me. She is devastated.

Yes, I know that their government needs to have better laws. Yes, I know corporations have a responsibility. Yes, I know this may be the only work available. I also know the power of a mother to find any way whatsoever to make a better life for her children. A parent’s love makes life risky.
And I also know that I demand cheap clothes and lots of them. I drive the train that leads to the destruction of another child of God. I am sorry. I repent.

God made this mother’s life. God knew that the world needed her and her unique mix of gifts and love and quirkiness (which we all share.) God gave a lot of thought and love into creating her. I should match God’s thought and love. No human is here to be a prop of the life of another. Including mine.

At baptism, I promise to respect the dignity of every human being and to seek and serve Christ in all persons. I failed miserably.

My spiritual discipline today is to learn more about the other 5 billion people on this planet (who are my sisters and brothers) and to seek to purchase items that honor the lives of those in the line of my purchases.

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