Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I have long said that I can tell a person's true relationship to God by looking at two things. Kind of like the two tablets Moses had. The two? Checkbook and day planner.


How we spend our time and how we spend our money reveal a lot about where God fits in our life.


Does God get 10% (tithe) off the top, first (or some percentage of what we make?) Do we have a plan to get to a tithe? Do we have a plan for our money (budget) and stick to it? Satan's plan is for us to be perennially fixin' to have a plan or to make a budget and feel good about its formulation and forget it.  Do we carry steady or increasing credit card balances – often signs that we are living above our means? Do we save? Can we put off purchases? Is shopping an addiction?


Is every moment spoken for with no room for rest or an "oh, *%$@!" moment? Those moments are called "life" and they happen pretty frequently. We need margin in our life to be able to take up those moments. Are family and God (church, prayer, study) put on first? Do we know (have a plan for) what never gets on? Do we keep our commitments? Always late? Have any fun? Are we busy in order not to think (and act) on things?


Take a look. Who or what is god of your life? I pray it is God. All other gods are appealing but do not care about you. God created, died for and lives for you.

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