Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The Church has no volunteers, only ministers. "Ministry" in the New Testament literally means "carrying out the wishers on another." What we do in and for Church, we do for God. I am not the minister of the church. I am A minister of God. So are you. the Bible does not include the word "volunteer."

We do what we do for God. We do it cheerfully and because we are gifted by God to do it. Volunteers come and go as they wish. Their heart may or may not be in it. Ministers do it for the love of God and for his Church. An "amateur" is literally one who does what he or she does "for the love of it." Ministers do their absolute best. Ministers do accept great sacrifices for the Kingdom of God in the local church. Volunteers do as much as they feel like. Sometimes, volunteers work out of guilt. Ministers are fueled by God and not feelings. Yet satisfaction often is a fruit of ministry.

Ephesians 4 has words about how my job as pastor is to equip people to to the work for which they are called to do by God. And the work we all do is always done for God. Not for a good feelings (but they do happen.) and not for our own self-interest (although we often benefit.)

I pray we all develop a ministry mindset. It is God plan for the renewal not only of the Church but the World. And the World needs us.

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