Thursday, May 20, 2010

No thanks, I’d rather go to Victoria’s Secret

A recent issue of Sorted, a British men's magazine (no, not that kind) ran the result of a survey. "A ladies underwear shop, a library, a council office, even a hospital - it seems the average British male would prefer to be anywhere but in church." See blog 


One quotation caught my attention. "'The medium obstructs the message and the most powerful story on earth is hidden behind flowery songs and awkward meetings.'" In this case, the "medium" is the church. In other words, church seems to get in the way of Jesus and the power of Jesus in our life.


I wonder how much the Church and Christians settle for the appearance of religiosity rather than a relationship with the Risen Christ? What rituals do we (you and I) have that feed that relationship and what rituals simply are a waste of time or worse - distract us from the transforming power of a relationship with Jesus.


Page 9 in the Book of Common Prayer (trust me, no one has ever touched it in your Prayer Book) tells us that there is two kinds of religious stuff, Doctrine and Discipline. Doctrine is minimal and cannot change. Discipline (practices) is changeable. The point of Disciplines is this. Does this Discipline feed a walk with Christ or not? If not, do away with it. What needs to go?


I like Episcopalians.

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