Sunday, May 9, 2010


One of my friends upgraded me to first class on a flight recently. Nice. Glassware. Unused pillow. W-I-D-E seat (for a wide person like me.) Leg room for someone taller than 4 feet. Sweet.
Jesus is big into upgrades. We insist on the economy ride to Hell on our Google search for the path of life. "No thank, God, I got a better idea!" Jesus offers a sweet ride to Eternity. Upgrade. No restrictions on travel dates. No hidden fees. He's aware of our baggage and allows it - gratis.
I hope you perform one Upgrade today. Do something nice. Upgrade someone who will not upgrade you in return. Upgrade because you have been permanently Upgraded by the Captain of our Soul. Change a life. Little things matter.
Upgrade. Sweet!

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