Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Is it just me or does failure haunt you forever while success fades instantly? Okay, maybe a little overstated but do you find at least a ring of truth to this? Why do we dwell on our failures? I think God frowns on this phenomenon.


For one, God tells us right off the bat in Genesis (before he forbids anything) that he creates. He creates out of nothing and he speaks things into existence. And, tah dah, you and I are made in God's image. While my speech can be deadly at times (I'm sorry, honest,) it is imperative I speak to assist God in the completion of Creation.  Much of the time, I can and do speak constructively and with God's touch (I check in with God regularly.) Nothing good happens if all possibility of failure is erased.


This brings me to #2. We have a God for those who fail. I like that (I don't encourage that, just like it.) Jesus' death and resurrection tell me that God forgives (and so should I.) Period.  And the Resurrection, if nothing else, tells me that God can do a lot with my garbage (not that God prefers it.)


So, today, thumb your nose (at least figuratively) at conventional thinking. Be bold enough to fail once you have checked in with God. I forgot what you did wrong. So did God. You are meant for great things today.

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