Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life Lessons #1

With the release of his new book Decision Points, President Bush appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show. The following are quotations from President Bush. I find something both faithful and useful about each one. Maybe you will as well.


  1. "I view politics as a chapter of my life.  Not my life."
  2. "If I would have allowed the critics to affect me during the presidency, I would not have done my job as a leader."


What defines your life? Kids and their accomplishments? Your job? Your material possessions? Your past? Obstacles? Busyness? Christ?


To what audience do you play in life? Family? Boss? Critics? Sycophants? Friends?


Jesus chose to let God define his life and God be his audience. It did not mean that he had no social life or friends. It did not mean he forsook his family. It did not mean he had no fun. It did mean that he was at Peace no matter what the world threw at him.


Most of us want Peace (contentment) if we want anything. It remains elusive. Maybe we need to change who or what defines us. God cherishes you and only has your well-being in mind. He does not wish to control you or work his agenda. Now that's love.


Jesus saw his Father in Heaven as his audience. Playing to more than one person or to persons who, as nice as they are, have other agendas for us, is draining. Much of our busyness comes from trying to please too many people. If we just please God, all the others will sort themselves out. Again, Peace moves to our center.

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