Saturday, November 20, 2010


I met Randy today. He makes stone crosses from limestone and granite. I bought aa beautiful multicolor cross from stone from Llano. We got to talking.


Randy told me that he calls what he does a ministry. People come with all sorts of stories. About loved ones, lost ones and miracles. He used to talk but now he sees his real ministry is to listen. Not to judge but to be a safe place of peace.


Listening is a lost art. The Prince of Peace, Jesus, while always resident in our interactions, is visibly present when we listen.


Make Christ real for someone today. When the conversation goes beyond gossip; when someone begins to reveal herself (or himself,) don't talk (no matter how interesting you are and I'll bet you are.) Just listen. If the conversation is all weather talk, ask a question. "Who had the biggest influence on your life (and why?") "Where were you when you felt closest to God (and why?") "What have you done that you are the proudest of (and why?") "Who is your greatest cheerleader (and what is it that he or she sees in you?")


May you know Christ today.

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