Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Few

Some wisdom from a mentor. "There is nothing in the local church that a few good burials couldn't fix." Yes, the mentor had tongue in cheek and, yes, maybe was a bit cynical.

Yet, do we know when to exit? And can we exit well? On a recent edition of the TV show, Shark Tank, an entrepreneur with a marvelous product could not accept that it was he that was hindering success. With him, the product would go no where.

What's more important? The product or our pride? To put it another way, is it more important that I get credit and accolades or is it more important that the mission is accomplished?

Jesus knew the Kingdom would go no further if he kept propping up the gang of rabbinical school, civil service and fishing dropouts he had assembled. They needed to fly without him. He exited. Our story would have been much different if Christ had stayed.

First, we only would have a great moral example (but little power,) and be stuck in our own inability to overcome our selfishness. Second, we would look to God to do all the work (okay, some of us still expect that.) Third, we would have missed the knowledge that the story is never over until God has had the final say.

Who or what are you holding back because you cannot let go? Church, family, spouse work? Have you set them up to flourish without you? It's a lock that someday, you will not be there. What new thing might need you and your spirit and talent that will languish because you have not let go elsewhere?

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