Saturday, August 20, 2011

Up and to the Right

If you have paid much attention lately, you will have noticed that the stock market has gone "down and to the right." That is, if we plot wealth versus time, thing are going down hill. I think that most of us go through life believing one thing. Life is supposed to go "up and to the right." We assume things should get better and better over time. Life, however, is more a mixed bag of up's and down's, many of which we did not author.

Commercials promise us youth even though this is the ultimate lie. My body is giving way and some day will not be here at all. Down and to the right.

Much of life has gotten better over time. I'd rather live now that in the 1500's.  And God does promise a better world, if not in this life, in the next. But, if we look at a short bit of time in a single life, things often go down and to the right. Maybe you are experiencing such a day today. Jesus' life took a disastrous "down and to the right" turn (crucifixion) just before God took it on an exhilarating "up and to the right" climb that continues (resurrection.) There may be setbacks, but God's "up and to the right" movement will not be thwarted.

Today, believe God is working any suffering you may be encountering "up and to the right." Join God in offering an "up and to the right" experience to someone else today. Especially, someone who cannot pay you back and is invisible to society.

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