Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Long View

I passed by a picture of my now high school sophomore granddaughter the other day. She was about 7 in the picture. Then, another picture came to mind. That of my 2 daughters around that age doing the same thing (baking.)


I though about how smart and focused I was in creating in my 2 daughters perfect humans. Especially ones who would not embarrass me. I am sure they were not that amused in my lab experiment mentality. I often majored in the minors as in "minor in importance in the grand scheme of things."


Today, I am looser, less intense with my grandchildren. Not because I am tired (okay, sometimes, I am tired) but because I have the long view of 60+ years.


The long view gives us a depth perception we do not have in getting all caught up in the moment as if this moment would never pass or as if this moment had not already happened millions of times. I think I make better decisions and am less judgmental and less anxious with the long view.


Jesus suggested we all establish the long view. He called it The Kingdom of God.


Before you get caught up in something trendy or pressing or fleeting today, ask God to connect you with his long view. The destination is better than anything we could ask for or imagine.

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