Monday, September 5, 2011

Cherry Picker

I often made use of a cherry picker in the oil and mining business. It could easily extract what I needed and neatly deliver it where I wanted it. It made things work.

How many times do we cherry pick our faith? Take what we want and assemble our own religion? We can avoid the "die to live" talk of Jesus. We can pick out that nasty "forgive" stuff and hang on to hurts. We can have "little white lies" after we diffuse the truth.  We can worship our jobs or money or children or achievements or popularity and skip the "meek, poor in spirit, and pure of heart" stuff. I can love based on my feelings rather than upon the fact that all people are worth it.

Did you ever notice that we often overeat or eat poorly when confronted by a cafeteria or "no plans for dinner?" Cherry picking food backfires and so does cherry picking our faith.

Why? Because when we cherry pick what we will invest our lives in, we take the place of God. We believe we know best. God would differ. God came to selfish or self-centered people to set them free.

Be free today. Follow Jesus. All of him.

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