Thursday, September 22, 2011


The NFL cracked down on players faking injuries on the field in order to slow down the other team. Soccer did the same to improve the game. One college team even had two players fake at the same time. Obviously, someone had not studied the play book well enough.

I am above all that.

Or am I?

While I do not go down in the middle of a stressful day with a fake hamstring strain, I do make excuses. I think excuses are often the "fake" injuries of those of us who play the game of life. We use excuses to divert attention rather than taking things head on.

A saint has no particular merit that you and I don't have. A saint is a transparent person who owns up to who she is. Saints make a conscious decision to forgo excuses. They only make life harder. In honest transparency is life.

Today, will we own our part in getting where we are? Make it a "no excuse" day. Bless you.

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