Tuesday, March 20, 2012


God is a god of choice. We can take 'em or leave 'em. We own the consequences of our choices but there is a choice.

Yet, the world is filled with "but I have no choice" people. "I HAVE to do this." Maybe, the more accurate statement (more faithful statement) would be…

·         I am afraid to choose

·         I am waiting for a choice I like

·         I don't want to make waves

·         I want to be liked

·         I don't want to change (or experience change)

·         I want all my options opened

·         I don't want to grow up

·         I want my cake and eat it, too

·         I don't want to be different

You might add some more. One odd thing about following Jesus is that freedom is only found in limits. Look at what Jesus says/does in scripture. He found life within limits. He made choices. Hard ones. And he rose from the dead. Those who do not choose, those who live without limits, just stay dead.

Liberate yourself today with a well-placed, "Yes" or "No." Experience the exhilaration of limits.

O God… whose service is perfect freedom (The Book of Common Prayer, Collect for Peace, p. 57)

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