Monday, March 26, 2012


I often have been accused of not being spiritual enough and of causing the church to follow suit. I am never quite sure what this means or what to do with it. I tend to action and directness without a lot of frills as I practice my piety. Oh, some fun, too. Humor opens us up.

There are a lot of people Jesus claims as his own. I believe he draws a very big circle in order to include them all. Catholic on one side, Reformed on the other. And then there is Orthodox.  Fundamentalists and Progressives. "Faith" types and "works" types. Long winded prayers and brevity-is-the-soul-of-wit prayers. Incense slingers and "no instrument, please" choral-ers. 3 song, 45 minute sermon, offering and a prayer worshipers as well as pomp and circumstance liturgists.

I think Jesus loves them all. And all, at times, all drive him crazy.

To me, to be spiritual is to be authentic, genuine, just as God made you. No posing, no hiding behind things or the past or knowledge. No show. Just me as God created. The other stuff is the spice that makes each day an adventure. But the centerpiece of the day is the unvarnished, you. Ask God to fill you in on why you are so special.

Celebrate the real, spiritual you today, even if you cannot get up the gumption to get too real.

At your very core, you are loved and quite lovable.

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