Tuesday, June 12, 2012

At theEnd of the Day

I have played a game with myself lately. For over two months, I have listened to the TV and radio waiting for someone to say, "…at the end of the day." I have not been disappointed. I have heard this over-used phrase EVERY DAY. Usually, the phrase means something like, "The inevitable with still happen" or "Despite what is going on, so and so will rule the day." Basically, what is being stated is that the speaker knows how this will wind up. It's fate.

There is an ancient practice in Christian life that is powerful for any modern day man or woman who is bold enough to try it. At the end of the day, Christians have for centuries recollected or ran through the day they had. They saw the highs, the lows, and the times that maybe God checked in. Maybe, the times God seemed to have vanished. The moments that the person was noble, crude, hapless, savvy, or out-to-lunch. Recollectors saw things they would like to do differently next time and new habits in the making that would make a real difference from now on.  Remembered were situations to avoid and situations avoided that need to be faced. A clarity that only a little distance can give came into view. A glimmer of hope in a hopeless mess gave relief. A joyful moment that needs to be remembered and revisited was savored. Opportunities missed and those that where we acted too much in haste came into focus.

This is prayer. God is listening in. Encouraging, guiding, correcting and all the while loving.

Try it. God never grows tired of hearing you.

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