Tuesday, June 5, 2012


God tells us over and over again that names have power, especially power over that whom (or which) we name.) Bullies know that as well. The book Superfreakonomics points out that a bad name can ruin your career hopes.

As a priest, I have watched names fall in and out of favor with parents trying to find that one unique name that will propel a child to a great life. My childhood was filled with Jim's, Mary's, Linda's and Michael's. Only Michael is in favor today.  "I want my child to be unique," we say as parents. But a name is not enough.

Too often, we stop at a name or a label and miss the depth and the beauty of the person. Names do have power but they do not contain the whole story. God invites us each to explore who he made in us. Only God knows fully (even more than the name, "Winslow" or the label, "Winner" reveal) who we are.Do we ask? Or do we just accept the names and labels and believe that they will lead to the rich life we crave? It won't.

Have you spent time with God on your true identity? Have you asked trusted friends (who have no need for you to be anything for them) where you are gifted and where not to waste energy? Have you done an honest self-inventory, one without hype or hyper-criticism?  Have you spent enough time with God for God to tell you why he finds you so special? Don't settle for just a name or a label even if it is from you. Go for the big stuff.

I knew you in your mother's womb
Jeremiah 1:5

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