Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Jesus talks a lot about the Kingdom of God or the "way God intends it to be and will not sit still until it becomes reality." Kingdom life is bliss, God's bliss, even when we cannot control the circumstances.

Here's what I think the Kingdom will look like just based on my experiences so far this week. I pray for the Kingdom in my day.
  • ·         Older people are treasured for their wisdom and they never retire from serving
  • ·         Churches rally around single parents without prodding
  • ·         School districts return phone calls to prospective employees, giving the same respect they demand from those prospects
  • ·         Parents love their children so much they do not withhold discipline even as they sacrifice their agendas for real needs of the children
  • ·         People stop, just stop
  • ·         People are paid a fair wage regardless of gender, color, or where they sit on the totem pole of life
  • ·         People quit guessing the motives of others
  • ·         Respect of others rules
  • ·         Coaches, directors, bosses and churches respect the time families/people need to recharge by not demanding every moment be theirs
  • ·         People never abandon the truth while never fracturing relationships
  • ·         Politicians, families and spouses embrace compromise because no one has a lock on the truth but God and God values community
  • ·         People keep their word, even at great personal cost, no longer making empty promises, knowing they can bail out later when something/someone better comes along
  • ·         People tackle tough, impossible things and do not skirt them, knowing God is a great God

Where do you want the Kingdom to break in? How are you helping it to happen?

My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me John 10:27

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