Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Jimmie Davidson, pastor of Highlands Fellowship in Abingdon, Va., recently had a "Crazy Service," to focus on the importance of volunteers in the life of the church. Sunday worship went without any volunteers! It must have been a rough service but a great way to show the importance of volunteers in church.


A blog I follow had an entry about the growing trend for church members to not show up for helping when scheduled, leaving lots of people in the lurch. People who can get everyone everywhere – work, school, sports and such – seemed to place a low priority on church service, even when they committed to it.


I prefer not to use the term "volunteer" and, instead, prefer "minister." There are no volunteers in the Bible. I don't follow this rule at all times since many believe a minister is the ordained person up front. However, that view is not biblical. Every Christian has a ministry. Ministry is what builds up the church. We may volunteer elsewhere in the world but we, by virtue of the Bible and our Baptismal Vows, are expected to serve in church. Some ministries are behind-the scenes or sporadic. Some are up-front and regular. The point is that God exempts no one from ministry (he does forgive those who opt out) within the church. Our ministry is not only expected, it is sacred. To eschew ministry, either by avoiding it or being a 'no show," hurts us and others spiritually and lessens the mission of the local church. That said, ministry should fit who God made in you and never be a guilt response to other's pressure.


Thank God for those who take ministry seriously, sometimes a great personal sacrifice just as their Lord did. How is your ministry?


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