Monday, April 19, 2010


Recently, I was reminded why I am an Episcopalian. Wisconsin Lutherans click here did not allow women to speak at a public meeting.  They said scripture says so. Now I truly believe that these Lutherans love the Lord and are great Christians. I also believe that they are misguided. This brings up two questions. What am I to make of scripture that seems to say two things at once? There is a place where women are requested to keep quiet. There are also places where women seem to be leading. The second question is this? What role does scripture play in my day-to-day actions?  These folks stuck with their beliefs even tough, I suspect, they met with a lot of ridicule.


What am I to make of scripture? My first premise is that scripture is not self interpreting. My bumper sticker would read, "God said it, I believe it…but I'm not always sure what to make of it" Only God understands scripture inside out.  Here is what I do. Read it. See what else is said about the same thing. Determine if it is God talking or a person giving an opinion or a cultural-infused response (I am not a Middle Eastern ancient farming dude.) I ask, "What did it mean to them then?" Then I ask if there are similar circumstances today and how might the Word apply in today? Then, I ask "So what?" I am a sinner and could have come up with garbage. I need to think about it. Finally, I ask how well what I came up with squares with what others have said over thousands of years. I may have it right and they have it wrong but I better think about it.


What role does scripture play in my day-to-day actions?  Like the folks in Wisconsin, if I believe this is the word of God, I must take action on what has been revealed regardless of the cost. Today, most of us try to get along by making "Christian nice" and swallowing our beliefs. Either that or we ridicule and debase those who think differently as if Christ didn't die and rise for them as well. While I will not live my life based on what I believe they wrongly think, I must leave room for the fact that they may be right and I must respect them.


May scripture inspire your day today.

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