Saturday, August 21, 2010


I read many blogs and Facebook entries every day. Some are Christian in nature. Some are not. Many are irreverent but cut to the truth. I am inspired and amused by a variety of writers.


One type of writing pains me, however. It is the writing of a Christian who puts down others outside the church and says, in effect, "We are better." I would agree that Christ is better. I am not so sure about us. Belonging to a church does not make us Christian or even good. Following Christ does.


Over and over in Scripture, Jesus, Paul, Yahweh and others tell us that we need to take a hard look at ourselves (personally and the Church) before we wander into critiquing (judging) others. The assumption being that we will never stop finding things about ourselves that are not Christ-like, so we already have a full time job.


For those outside the Church, we have love, understanding and encouragement. Just like Jesus did. We can still hate sin. We are not meant to hate sinners. And most "Sinners" outside the Church, aren't any more so that we are. I am to clean up my act first.


We show outsiders Christ in the generous spirit we have when with them. Christianity is meant to be "attractive."  I have met a number of people who do not want to consider church because they ran into a self-righteous Christian who wanted to fix them (or worse.) I tell them that these people are not the norm but, unfortunately, they get all the press.


What kind of ambassador for Christ will you be today?

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