Thursday, August 19, 2010




Did you know that some churches hire "secret shoppers" to come in secretly evaluate their church? Buckhead Church (story here) in Atlanta (among others) hired (through Craigslist) a bunch of nominally non-church goers (maybe atheists and agnostics) to come unannounced and see how Christ-like Buckhead really was. Every church says that they are a friendly, Christ-like place. Some are. Some aren't. Jeff, the pastor, had the guts to want to find out if his church was self-serving or truly carried out the work of Jesus by being welcoming to the outsider, lowering the obstacles of church without diluting the gospel. After all, our mission is to seek and serve those outside the church (Baptismal Vows.)


Okay, here's a questions. What is your (and my) response? If Jesus sent a "secret shopper" into your life today, what would he or she report back to Jesus, the Boss? Would you have time for that person? Would you be generous with that person? Would you judge that person? Would you serve that person? Would you respect that person, no matter what?


What would your "report" read?


Every day, Jesus is sending not-so-secret shoppers into your life. He trusts you to show them the hospitality of Christ.

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