Saturday, November 19, 2011


Christine and I recently hosted our 4th Amazing Faiths Dinner Dialogue. The Dialogue, coordinated by Houston Interfaith, brings together people of different religions (or no religion at all) to talk about faith in a safe environment. Questions about prayer, after life, suffering and such are open-ended and responses are left to stand as is, no rebuttal or follow up. This year, we hosted people whose background was Hindu, Muslim, Catholic, Scientology, Seventh Day Adventist and generic Christian. At the end of the night, we found this: at our core, we share much the same beliefs and yearnings.

Much of the talk of the day – at work, on TV, at school - centers on differences, rights and being right, and conflict. Yet, we have so much in common. Our Christian story reminds us that every human bears the image of Christ - even a Muslim or Mormon or Atheist. If we are to prosper (or even if we, as Christians are to win over others,) we must start with where God starts, the Christness we share.

Today, see each person first as "Christ-at-the-center." Seek the common ground. Respect is one of the Baptismal Promises of an Episcopalian.

Please join me and others of The Episcopal Diocese of Texas as we host our own Dialogue on Thursday, April 26, 2012, using the materials adapted from this evening. Want to know more? Email me at .

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