Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Yesterday was the Christian New Year, The First Sunday in Advent. Did you throw a party? Drink too much? Kiss at midnight? Didn't think so. The secular New Year swamps the boat of the Christian one. Besides, even some Christians do not observe this time of preparation for the Coming of Christ – both the baby in the manger and the King at the end of the Age.

Christianity, no matter what flavor of it we pursue, is meant to be a movement of folks who are called to be a bit odd. Loving, but odd. We even are to practice our oddity. We follow a man who rose from the dead after dying a loser. He told us that leaders are servants. Oh, and those that push to the front of the line in life wind up in the back. If you give up your life for His sake, you get it back. If you guard your life (little risk,) you lose it. And He loves you, no matter what. His love is never in question. He'd like us to treat others that way as well. Withhold judging others no matter how sure you are that you have them figured out.

If you are a follower, how odd are you willing to be? Does anyone wonder why you are different?

I pray your new year is one close to Christ. Prepare to meet Him out there. Be odd.

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