Saturday, November 5, 2011


Andy Rooney died today. I liked him. He really wasn't a TV guy. He was a journalist who wound up on TV. Two things I remember him for.

His observations about the most mundane of things. Doors. Cheese graters. Online shopping. He was to essays as Seinfeld was to a half hour sitcom. Much to do about nothing. Yet in that "nothing," he revealed so much of about the human condition, especially our frailties and inflated sense of self.

The second thing I admired about him was his ability to be clear and crisp in his prose. In a world where even those in church use double-speak, he was refreshing. I like know where people stand. Sure, his opinion made many call him a curmudgeon. But he was clear.

The Psalmist extolls the wonder of creation. All speak of God (Well, maybe not cheese graters.) Christ understood the human condition. He embraced it in all its messiness and, when rejected, died for it. 

The Bible says, "A simple "'Yes' or "No,' please. After that, one begins to lie or dismiss behavior. Jesus was never called a curmudgeon but he was labeled a son of the devil (among other things) for his straight talk.

Consider your approach to this day. Do you see God at work in the smallest of things? Consider your speech today. Is it honest and clear? Glorify God in your observations and speech today.

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