Thursday, November 3, 2011


Greece is in trouble. Their money cannot stretch as far as their debt. The solution?  Some debt forgiveness and some austerity moves. Tough choice. Greeks are said to desire to be part of the vitality of the European community, symbolized by the euro common currency. They prefer to skip the austerity, however. Don't we all?

In our Baptismal Promises (Vows) we claim Jesus as Lord and Savior. We all want the forgiveness and –of-death of a Savior. No brainer. Few of us want a Lord (Boss.) Too  austere.

In order to have the abundant life Jesus promises, we must embrace him both as Helper and Boss. They cannot be separated. They are two sides of the same coin. If we skip Boss, Helper dissolves with it.

Are you taking your lead from Christ? Even if it goes through a cross before it clears up? If not, we are missing the breadth and depth of real living. Can you afford to leave the best on the table? Where is there a cross that Christ is asking you to take up?

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