Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Twice this week I went through the motions. I made a phone call. "Press one to enter voicemail Hell." "State your name." "Now, please enter your super-secret ID #." "Now, enter your social security number." "Now, enter your account number." "Please wait (and we will play stupid, tinny, out-of-tune music while you wait.)" Wait some more. Once I get someone, I am asked, "Please give me your name, super-secret ID#, social and password." Wha?

Finally, my wait if over! I asked why I had to do this all over again. It seemed a waste of time if not disrespectful. I was placed on hold. Grrr.

We all hate this.

But how often are we unresponsive to others? Offer help but, when asked, don't? When we see a need, look elsewhere? Add one more burden to an already overloaded friend, family member or co-worker? When someone needs to step up, do nothing, letting someone else do what we could do?

Jesus did not help all but did address all who he came in direct contact with. Cleanly, quickly, respectfully.

Seek to be responsive today. Let's put a stop to unresponsiveness Hell. And may your voicemail travels be few.

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