Monday, October 4, 2010


A friend of mine met a group of people with whom I was familiar the other day. I was not there. I had suggested them to help finish a project. Later, I checked in to see how it went. Thankfully, it went pretty well.


As I reflected later, I was struck by a few thinks that were said by my friend. These things were side bars to the main conversation we had. These side bars had a common theme. In each case, my friend had pretty accurately assessed the assets and the liabilities of her team.


This led me to thinking. In direct (not rumor or gossip) interaction, people reveal themselves pretty quickly for who they are (who they can become I will leave for another musing.) "Reveal to others" maybe a better way to say it.


In some cases, people really undervalue their gifts and do not know they have much to offer. This can hurt a team because these people defer to others when they should be right in the middle of things where their gifts can be employed. Others can put on airs and may come across as informed, competent or wise. The folks can hurt a team because they usually think they know better and often need things their way or, at least, their egos soothed. They may not deliver anything; on time or otherwise. Some want to tweak things to their liking even if the team agrees to do it another way. This latter (the airs) group also miss out on knowing their true calling, the one that will fulfill them.


God loves variety. That's why you are uniquely you and here. Each of us has a piece of His pie. No one has it all. No one has nothing at all.


Tell someone today the gifts she or he has to offer, especially telling one who thinks he or she has nothing and who always defers.  And for someone you know well and care about, tell them when they are off base and help them find their true calling. They will be happier. And, if you who cares and knows won't tell, who will?


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