Wednesday, October 6, 2010


A number of clergy and I were talking about our own churches recently. I listened as I heard story after story of hard times. I prayed for my fellow clergy and their parishes. I did speak up as well. I wondered if the Church had abandoned Hope as a part of her Good News. Over and over in scripture, God speaks out to those whose life circumstances are lousy. Often, churches speak only of relief and the past. God offers Hope.


Not "hope," as in optimism that things will go back the way they were. God often tells us that circumstances may get worse.  The Hope of God transcends circumstances. The world tells us things will get better and better. The next generation will do better than the last. My job will get better and better. You get it.


Both God and the Second Law of Thermodynamics tell us that, actually, the wheels ultimately will fall off. God goes on to say, "And I will take care of you and I will provide a place for you and you will be okay." Hope is for-certain knowledge that God loves and God is in control, even if today isn't what we expected.


Do you hope in what you or the government or your family or your job will do for you? Or do you Hope for God and accept every blessing with thanks and every not-so-blessing with Hope?

My prayers are that things go well for you. My biggest prayer is that you let go enough to let Hope grab a hold of you – forever. Hope will always be there even when "circumstances" walk out.

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